Jan Jones
Jan Jones

Welcome. The purpose of this site is to provide information about my coaching and consulting practice, the needs I see in organizations across the health care industry and others, my background, and how I might address your needs.

In my leadership roles over the past 35 years, I’ve been a life-long student and architect of organizational design and execution, working at the intersections between organizations and their people. This has included mentoring and coaching, management systems design, internal strategy, cultural and operational integration, leadership development and complex change implementation. My passion has been finding that optimal alignment between individual growth and success, and organizational outcomes.

The leadership context today is set within dramatic and accelerating change. Success comes through creating resiliency, by:

  • staying on top of the rapidly evolving new roles, skills, products and services,
  • engaging the people of the organization around mission, goals and strategies, and
  • continuously building the talent pipeline.

And ultimately, success relies on innovative and courageous leaders who are effective change agents and developers of current and future talent.

Coaching can be a key lever in building personal and organizational resiliency. At its core, coaching is about creating sustainable changes needed to achieve short and long term goals. Coaching is not about “fixing” people or problems. It’s developmental in nature, focused on the future. As leaders, we bring our whole selves to our work and coaching therefore often addresses not only our skills and experience but our stories, our beliefs and values, and our well-earned habits. All of these affect our reach and impact as leaders, and are a part of making desired changes.

Leadership is a profoundly rewarding path. While it can be lonely and difficult at times, its joy is the shared community and purpose it serves. For many, it is a calling, just as it has been for me. At this point in my life I’m called to contribute my experience, as a leadership coach and advisor, helping leaders take large or small steps that meet important goals, enhance personal effectiveness, and create organizations that capture the hearts, minds and talents of those who serve within.

It’s a privilege to partner in this collaboration between leaders, your boards, your teams, and your larger workforce to create the long term sustainability of your enterprises.



nautilus shellpreferredspiralstaircaseThe notion of growth and integrated progression across our lives is represented in the nautilus, a life form that has survived in the earth’s oceans for over 500 million years.  Its logarithmic spiral is one of the most enduring and inspiring forms in nature and human design.

Its defining features are its inner chambers, each one a proportionately larger replica of the one before. As the organism grows, it moves forward to a new and larger chamber. There is no limit to its growth and there is no going back. The old chambers are walled off from the new, but remain integral to the evolving structure and provide buoyancy across its lifetime.

Survival means moving forward, buoyed, but not limited by the past. The shell’s cross section shows these cycles of growth, continuity and renewal, emblematic of our human journey. In the same spirit, we can continue to grow and renew, with ever-evolving possibilities.